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  • Familiar UNO game play with a twist

  • UNO Dare! action cards force your opponent to either draw 2 cards or perform a hilarious dare!

  • Talk like a pirate! Hold your cards with your feet! Dance like a robot and lots more!

  • 3 different categories with 16 Dares on each card: Family, Show-Off and Daredevil

  • Includes UNO Dare! rules and 112 playing cards

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The familiar fun race to yell “UNO!” comes with wild, new choices! While playing the color and numbers matching game, you’re faced with a decision: draw extra cards or take a dare! Dare cards come in 3 categories: Family, Show-Off and Daredevil, with 16 dares on each card. You may end up talking like a pirate until your next turn, or standing on one foot, or even showing your best dance moves! There is even a blank card to make up your own dares! What will you risk – drawing more cards or doing something wildFind out when you play this new version of the classic UNO game – if you DARE! And don’t forget to yell “UNO!”, even if you have to do it like a pirate, matey! Comes with instructions and 112 playing cards. Ages 7 and older.