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Discount Stainless Steel Bento Box Lunch Box Set With Neoprene Lunch Bag, Large Food Container With 3 Tier Food Compartment Storage Containers Sale Online.


Stainless Steel Bento Box Lunch Box Set With Neoprene Lunch Bag, Large Food Container With 3 Tier Food Compartment Storage Containers $29.39 $26.00 SALE!

$29.39 $26.00

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Share the product and get 20% discount!

  • 3 TIER 100% STAINLESS STEEL LUNCH BOX: Some foods were simply not meant to mingle. Separate containers keeps your food tasty.

  • NEOPRENE LUNCH BAG: Having trouble fitting your banana in your bento boxNo worries. We’ve got you covered (you will receive a Bklyn Bags Lunch Bag with this order).

  • 20% LARGER: Ahhh, nothing like market research. We found most people that use bento boxes really like them. However, when asked how they would improve upon their bento box the overwhelming response was… MAKE IT BIGGER! Your wish is our command. This box is 20% larger than most. So, is this thing HUGENo, not really. We think it’s the perfect size. Besides, who wants to lug around a huge suitcase size lunch box anyway

  • ECO & ENVIORNMENTAL FRIENDLY: Not even a touch of BPA, PVC , BPS or PHTHALATES goes into making this food container. Best to keep your plastic in your wallet, not in your food.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: I hate doing the dishes. That said, at least this cleans easy with soap and water (also dishwasher friendly).

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Combo Pack: Bento Box + Lunch Bag

So what’s the deal with these bento boxes anyway First off, choosing to use a 100% Stainless Steel Food Container (whether it’s our brand or someone else’s) over disposable plastic is a good thing… for you, me and our sweet %@&&#; planet. As for our Bklyn Bento box, it’s 20% LARGER than most bento boxes. Does that mean it’s HUGENo, not really. If you eat like a bear, even this large size might be too small. That said, most will find it’s a perfect size to pack a nice size lunch. The following are the capacity dimensions for the Bklyn Bento box: Bottom Compartment holds 2 1/8 Cups Middle Compartment holds 2 Cups Top Compartment holds 1 1/8 Cups It’s also worth noting that just like you; I too love a good hot bowl of soup every now and then. Unfortunately, this Bento Box is not built to hold liquids (sorry about that). That’s because we chose not to use any plastic or rubber sealant, and therefor it’s Not Leak Proof (no issues with moist foods like cottage cheese, fruit, salad dressing, etc.). The trade-off to not being Liquid Leak Proof is our Bklyn Bento box is 100% FREE of all Plastic, PVC and PBAs. We feel that’s a good trade off. You’ll have to stick with your thermos when craving a soup lunch. Thanks for taking the time to understand our product. We love it. Hope you do too.