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  • HOW TO PLAY: Objective of the game is to sell your product to the customer and win that round resulting in winning the game being the one to sell the most products to the customers.

  • CONTENTS: Includes 324 crazy and wacky word cards and 36 fun and unique double sided customer cards to add to the fun-filled Snake Oil game. Add Party Potion for more fun.

  • ANY OCCASION: Perfect for any occasion, excellent for ages 8 and up and intended for 3 to 6 players. Great for any birthday party, holiday party, or just family/friend get together.

  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Young and old alike can sell to their hearts content with this fast-paced exciting game. BE the best salesman you can be and get everyone to buy your product.

  • LOTS OF LAUGHS:Believe you me folks, Snake Oil will cure and have your friends and family rolling in laughter! This is the best party game in the world with over 10 million laughs sold!

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In the Old West, the sly snake oil salesman had a special talent. He could get the most skeptical customer to buy the most dubious products. Now it’s your turn.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Choose one player to be the first “Customer” and have that player pick a Customer Card. The other players quickly combine two Word Cards form their hand to create something for the Customer. Each player persuades the Customer that their item is the best. The Customer picks the one they like the most and that player wins the customer card!