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Discount Retro Light Up Toys Set for Kids by ArtCreativity – Includes 8” Gyro Wheel and 8.5” Rail Twister- Mesmerizing Spinning and Lighting Effects Design Sale Online.

Retro Light Up Toys Set for Kids by ArtCreativity – Includes 8” Gyro Wheel and 8.5” Rail Twister- Mesmerizing Spinning and Lighting Effects Design $10.36 SALE!


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  • HOURS OF TOTAL FUN: ArtCreativity’s light up toys for kids combine physics and fun to make for hours of engaging play. This battery-operated set includes an 8” gyro wheel and 8.5” rail twister that both produce a mesmerizing light show.

  • IMPROVES MOTOR SKILLS: The kids will not only be thrilled by these retro-inspired spinning toys, but will also get valuable hand exercise from all the flicking. The magnetic gyro wheel also presents the perfect opportunity to give your little one a fun science lesson.

  • CREATES A RELAXING EFFECT: The fascinating lighting effects and movement of the spinning toys have a soothing effect that can help curb hyperactivity. It makes for a great toy during those afternoons and evenings when you crave some peace and quiet.

  • HIGH QUALITY TOYS: These magnetic gyro wheels don’t easily come off, feature well-aligned rails, and are fitted with LEDs that don’t prematurely short out. This gives the two light up toys durability to make for countless hours of play.

  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS: These classic toys are that top gift for boys and girls aged 5+ that won’t be quickly abandoned after mere hours of use. They make for a great Christmas or birthday gift and are perfectly-sized to be a memorable stocking stuffer. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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THRILL THE KIDS WITH A BLAST FROM THE PAST Looking for that one toy that won’t be quickly thrown into that abandoned pile of toysThen ArtCreativity’s spinning light-up toy set is just what you need! Brace yourself for hours of gleeful shrieks and fascinated faces. And with two spinning toys in the set, the little ones are in for twice the fun! 8” Light-Up Gyro Wheel This modern iteration of the classic magnetic gyro wheel will have kids rooted in excitement! It uses the power of magnetism to mesmerizingly move the wheel along the rails with the quick flick of the wrist, all while producing a fascinating light show that will plaster a permanent smile on those young faces. It comes with batteries already installed to dive right into the fun. 8.5” Rail Twirler The gyro rail twirler was giving kids the time of their lives back in the 80’s and will do the same today! The twists and turns of the metal rails makes for an incredibly fun path for the gyro wheel to spin on. It also comes with batteries to power the thrilling light show. Exciting Science Lesson These spinning toys are the perfect time to school your little one on the fascinating effects of magnetism. And since they’ll be able to see it in action, that science lesson is sure to stick. All that movement of the wrists also helps to improve the children’s motor skills. Count on Art Creativity for a set of spinning light up toys of great quality guaranteed to make their day with hours of mesmerizing movement and thrilling light shows. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!