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Discount Quiet Book By Curious Columbus. Best Educational Toy For Toddlers, Early Learning and Preschool Boys and Girls. Soft Fabric Activity Books For Sensory Sale Online.

Quiet Book By Curious Columbus. Best Educational Toy For Toddlers, Early Learning and Preschool Boys and Girls. Soft Fabric Activity Books For Sensory $26.39 SALE!


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  • IT’S SO MUCH FUN! My Big Day Quiet Book by Curious Columbus is an interactive Day In The Life experience for your kids to practice and improve their fine motor skills and other developmental milestones through dramatic, interactive play, visual stimulation and tactile sensation

  • LET THEM LOOSE with 10 engaging, interactive pages: Kids get hands on basic life skills experience, learning to tell the time, brushing teeth, tying shoelaces, unzipping, getting dressed, buckling the dog’s collar, preparing food, doing household chores, matching, buttoning and much much more

  • KID FRIENDLY, TOP QUALITY: Produced from premium soft cotton, felt and accessories, this highly crafted, colourful book is soft yet highly durable. Fully zips to close and includes carry handles for easy portability. Book measures a generous 10″ high x 8″ wide

  • THE IDEAL TRAVEL BUDDY: Great for skill learning at home or for keeping the kids quietly entertained as a travel companion. Perfect for keeping kids busy as a car seat toy on long journeys, plane rides, train journeys, on the bus, at the airport or station, during church services, weddings, in waiting rooms or any public place

  • WE’RE SELLING OUT FAST! SECURE YOURS NOW. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT FOR CHRISTMAS!: Remember all Curious Columbus products are lab tested to meet or exceed US toy safety standards offering extra peace of mind. Select the ‘Add to Cart’ button now and BUY YOUR COPY TODAY

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Hundreds of Moms and Dads have Already Discovered The Screen Free Secret to keeping their Kids Entertained …and Now it’s Available Right Here! ‘My Big Day’ By Curious Columbus is a Fabric Activity Quiet Book. It’s been lovingly designed, and carefully crafted using cotton and felt to help your little ones safely immerse themselves in a wide range of everyday life experiences. Young children love to learn how things work, and they love to practise real life skills. ‘My Big Day’ helps them grow and nurture all sorts of essential skills including sensory, fine motor, logic, creativity, imaginary play, color recognition, counting, self-esteem, and so much more. The whole ‘My Big Day’ experience has been intelligently created by Curious Columbus’s mom and Creative Director to deliver an immersive and engaging experience to empower your child to learn essential skills using their own initiative. What They’ll Love: 1. DESIGNED FOR KIDS using bright, colourful, soft fabric pages, and large, clear recognisable everyday items. 2. IT’S JUST FOR THEM with a full zip to keep all the pieces in place, and carry handles designed for little hands to take it with them wherever they go. 3. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DISCOVER on every page. They’ll love perfecting every new task they uncover.
What You’ll Love:
1. IDEAL FOR HOME OR AWAY. Designed to be immersively engaging for children it’s perfect for long car journeys, train rides, flights, church, waiting rooms, and so many more occasions. 2. CAREFULLY LAB TESTED to meet or Exceed US toy safety standards 3. AFTER SALES SERVICE. Our top-class customer service team will be available online and on email after purchase. There’s so much more you and your children will love about the ‘My Big Day’ Quiet Activity book. Why not CLICK THE YELLOW ‘ADD TO CART’ BUTTON NOW and try it for yourself