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Discount Nordic by Nature Big Insulated Extra Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Set: Tote+Bottle Sleeve+2 Can Insulators | 13,5” | Stretchy | Reusable | Washable Sale Online.

Nordic by Nature Big Insulated Extra Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Set: Tote+Bottle Sleeve+2 Can Insulators | 13,5” | Stretchy | Reusable | Washable $18.39 SALE!


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Share the product and get 20% discount!

  • BETTER INSULATION: Made with thicker 4mm neoprene, your Nordic by Nature lunchbag keeps your food nicely chilled for up to 4-6 hours. Also keeps hot stuff hot… and everything fresh & delicious! For men women and adults.

  • ROOM FOR LARGER LUNCHBOXES: At 13.5″ x 13.5″, this stretchy tote fits even your bulkier containers. Wider bottom keeps bag upright; heavy-duty zipper keeps it secure; colorful interior keeps it stylish!

  • NO MORE SOGGY FOOD: Why pack your water bottle and cans in with your lunch, where it can “sweat” & soak your sandwichInstead, stash it in our separate neoprene bottle and can sleeves, where it’ll stay cold & convenient.

  • NON-TOXIC AND PVC-FREE: Relax! Your lunch bag & bottle sleeve are 100% safe, for you and for the environment. Plus, both are washable, reusable & foldable for easy storage. Great for gifts!

  • 60-DAY GUARANTEE: We’re sure you’ll love your Nordic by Nature Set: lunch bag, bottle sleeve and can coolers (included). But, if you don’t, just return it within 60 days of delivery for a full money-back refund

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Black Metal Big

Chill your lunch for up to 6 hours with our extra-thick, 4mm Insulated Neoprene Lunch Set. Chic, convenient bundle includes XL roomy bag for lunch & separate sleeve for water bottle and two can coolers.
We Built a Better Lunch Bag Who needs paper or plasticWith our reusable neoprene bag, you can safely store sizable XL lunchboxes, keep them cold (or hot), and enjoy their fresh, full flavor at your convenience. All without adding more trash to local landfills. This premium lunch tote offers: Thicker 4mm neoprene for better insulation Two extra can coolers designed to keep your drinks cold XL Spacious 13.5″ x 13.5” x 7″ design to hold more food Built-in stretch to accommodate bulky containers Heavy-duty zipper to keep it all secure Comfy handle for easy toting Colorful designer interior – so it’s easier to find your lunch in the office fridge!
Then We Added a Handy Bottle Sleeve + 2 Can Coolers
Many water bottles and cans “sweat.” So, when you pack them in with your lunch, you could end up with a soggy sandwich! That’s why we include a separate sleeve for holding & insulating your water bottle and two extra can coolers. The convenient water bottle neoprene sleeve also serves another purpose: It frees up space in your lunch bag for snacks & other stuff.
Best of All, Bag, Bottle Sleeve and Can Coolers Are Non-Toxic & PVC-FREE
Plus, unlike paper or plastic, they’re reusable over and over. Just rinse out or toss in the washing machine.
All This Plus a Great Guarantee
If you’re not thrilled with your Nordic by Nature Lunch Set, send it back within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price.
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