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Discount Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Building Software, Organic Chemistry Set by Dalton Labs – Advanced Teaching Edition Educational Set Sale Online.

Molecular Model Kit with Molecule Building Software, Organic Chemistry Set by Dalton Labs – Advanced Teaching Edition Educational Set $19.98 SALE!


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  • CHEMISTRY MOLECULAR MODEL KIT: Educational models for organic, inorganic chemistry and functional groups learning. Molecule Set designed for advanced science learning. Model organic structures, cyclic compounds, and stereoisomerism.

  • BASIC TO ADVANCED LEARNING: 178 piece set provides hands on activity to students from grades 7 up to Graduate Level studies to visually demonstrate molecular geometry and structure of compounds & other molecular shapes. Chemistry molecular model set makes learning 3d makeup or atomic structures fun and interactive.

  • MOLECULE SCIENCE IN 3D: Includes pieces of atom centers, bonds, and orbitals for assembly and tool for removing bonds inorganic molecules, empirical formula representations, organic structures, and other concepts of inorganic and organic chemistry.

  • PRO SCIENCE EQUIPMENT FOR MODEL BUILDING: Made from high quality durable materials designed for easy construction and perfect fit. Pieces are color coded to national standards for easy ID. Includes box for storage and transport. Excellent for the classroom.

  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – Dalton Labs is a USA family-owned business. Our products are made using only the highest quality materials. We always offer a 100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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Welcome to the world of DaltonLABS! A world of fun and creative visual education! This Molecular Model Kit has a total of 178 pieces including a link remover. Super easy to build models for Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, models such as: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, nitriles, amines, esters, aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, and more. All parts are made of durable and sturdy plastic which are color coded to national standards. This is a great set for both students and teachers to aid in course studies! What’s in the box Carbon – black (23) Hydrogen – white (20) Oxygen – red (8) Nitrogen (3 holes)- blue (2) Nitrogen (4 holes) – blue (2) Metal Atoms (1 hole) – silver (1) Phosphorus – purple (1) Sulfur (4 holes) – yellow (2) Sulfur (6 holes) – yellow (2) Chlorine – green (8) Pi Orbitals – purple (6) Pi Orbitals – pink (6) P Orbitals – purple (6) P Orbitals – pink (6) P Orbitals – beige (6) Single Bonds (26) Long/Double Bonds (26) Short Single Bonds (26) Bond Removal Tool (1) DaltonLABS is a proud USA family-owned business with a passion for learning! DaltonLABS uses only the highest quality materials for our products. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, 100% guaranteed or your money back! Join the DaltonLABS World today! Add to Cart!