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LEGO Ninjago 70727 X-1 Ninja Charger $76.99 SALE!


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  • Includes 3 minifigures: Kai and 2 Nindroids; Weapons include translucent Techno-Blade for Kai, Nindroid sword, axe-spear, jet pack and 2 swords

  • X-1 Ninja Charger features dual laser flick missiles, 360-degree rotating engine bay with firing dual shooter, clip for Techno-Blade and opening hood

  • Also includes rubber-tread tires, built-in Recon Nindroid with blades, interceptor bike and huge exhaust with bike-launching mechanism

  • Disc flyer features a rotating saw blade and quad flame-red exhausts; Disc flyer measures over 2″ high, 2″ long and 2″ wide

  • X-1 Ninja Charger measures over 3″ high, 8″ long and 4″ wide; Interceptor bike measures over 1″ high, 3″ long and under 1″ wide


Kai’s X-1 Ninja Charger is an awesome 2-in-1 vehicle! Set off in hot pursuit of the Nindroids who have stolen Kai’s Techno-Blade. Aim the flick missiles at the Nindroid disc flyer and steer clear of its saw blades. Rotate the engine bay and fire the dual shooter to target the jet-packing Nindroid hovering above. Open up the hood, activate the built-in interceptor bike and accelerate to retrieve that valuable Techno-Blade! Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Kai and 2 Nindroids.