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Discount Discover the Dinosaur by ArtCreativityTM – 5 Fun Dinosaur projects – Includes Excavation Kits, Dig Set, Growing Egg, Dinosaur Glider Sale Online.

Discover the Dinosaur by ArtCreativityTM – 5 Fun Dinosaur projects – Includes Excavation Kits, Dig Set, Growing Egg, Dinosaur Glider $11.00 SALE!


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  • 5 EXCITING DINOSAUR PROJECTS: ArtCreativity’s prehistoric craft set is all about discovering the hidden dinosaur. It includes a dinosaur excavation kit, dinosaur fossil kit, growing dinosaur pet, dinosaur glider, and dinosaur fossil putty, guaranteed to absolutely thrill the kids

  • CREATES HOURS OF CREATIVE FUN: With the dinosaur craft set offering 5 projects to work on, the kids will be kept productively busy for days as they discover one dinosaur after the other. They can tackle one project every day, with the dinosaur toy set making for incredible fun once it’s put together

  • EDUCATES ON SCIENCE: The plastic dinosaur toys are a great way to pique the kids’ interest in science and learn about these fascinating creatures all while having a blast. The fossil and dinosaur digging kit will also improve the children’s focus skills

  • DOUBLE AS DECORATIONS: These dinosaur toys for boys and girls are great for decorating any prehistoric-themed bedroom once they’ve all been extracted. The 4” dinosaur from the excavation kit beautifully glows in the dark, while the ivory white fossil and flying dinosaur toy will look incredibly cool when placed on the kids’ dresser

  • UNIQUE GIFTS FOR KIDS: This dinosaur art and craft set is a memorable present that will make any little one’s day. It’s ideal for preschoolers, toddlers and kids 6 and up, also striking a chord with older kids who are obsessed with science. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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THE PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE THE KIDS WILL NEVER FORGET Have a little one who seems to be obsessed with dinosaursThen this Discover the Dinosaur Set will have them doing cartwheels in joy! It contains 5 dinosaur related craft projects that will keep the kiddos preoccupied for hours. 4” Dinosaur Excavation Set This dinosaur dig set contains all the tools required to carefully extract the dinosaur from the plaster. It takes a bit of effort and focus to get the job done, but the beautiful glow-in-the-dark dinosaur will be a cool reward for all that determination. 3” Dino Fossil Set This fossil kit allows the kids to transform into little archeologists. It contains a brush, excavation tool, bones, platform and a detailed guide. Once the bones are retrieved, the children will have a fun time piecing them together to create a full dinosaur skeleton. 3” Dinosaur Growing Egg All the kids have to do is submerge the dinosaur egg in water. It will hatch after 12-24 hours, after which the little dinosaur will emerge and continue growing in front of their bewildered eyes. Detailed instructions are included. 8” Dinosaur Glider After hours of determined digging, the kids can take a break to play with these ultra-cool dinosaur gliders. They come with beautiful graphics and only take a couple of minutes to assemble. 4.5” Dinosaur Putty The brightly colored gooey sludge conceals a tiny dinosaur that the children will love retrieving from the ‘primordial ooze’. It makes for hours of slimy, squishy fun. Count on this dinosaur craft kit by ArtCreativity to provide days of fun and create an exciting learning experience along the way. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!