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Discount Couple’s Kindle Cards- Fun Couples Game Will Boost Your Marriage & Relationship! Promotes Romance, Intimacy, Connection & Love | Couples Gift | Wedding Gift Sale Online.

Couple’s Kindle Cards- Fun Couples Game Will Boost Your Marriage & Relationship! Promotes Romance, Intimacy, Connection & Love | Couples Gift | Wedding Gift $15.96 SALE!


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  • CREATE MORE EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL INTIMACY in your relationship by trying out these fun, creative, and powerful weekly action steps

  • BASED ON RESEARCH FINDINGS AND EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS, Couple’s Kindle Cards address the WHOLE relationship by including action steps that will assist in improving emotional, physical, sexual, mental, social, environmental, and financial well being in your relationship (just to name a few!).

  • TIME AND BUDGET FRIENDLY action steps that can be universally applied to support any marriage or established couple

  • A PERFECT GIFT for Valentine’s Day Gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, or Birthday Gift for your Spouse

  • AFFORDABLE! Receive a smart, strategic year-long action plan all for less than the price of going out to dinner!

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WHAT IS COUPLES KINDLE CARDS (CKC)CKC is a powerful weekly action plan designed to enhance connection while bringing emotional and physical intimacy between couples back to life. CKC is a fun, easy way to stay engaged with your partner, prioritize your relationship and indulge in the beauty of your connection in a meaningful and ongoing way. WHY TRY CKCWe believe every relationship requires nourishment and attention. Life can get pretty demanding and before we know it, our relationships fall down on the priority list causing weak spots in our connection. CKC is a great way to counteract or prevent the inevitable regression that happens when relationships are (often unknowingly) taken for granted. HOW DOES IT WORKEach week, partners randomly draw one card that assigns a fun and empowering action step to be completed that week. An accompanying guidebook provides powerful insight, inspiration, and examples for each task. WHO CAN BENEFITMarried and unmarried couples, whether they are straight or LGBTQ, will benefit from this game if they are in an established relationship in which both individuals are willing to put time and effort into their relationship. HOW MUCH COMMITMENT IS REQUIREDAll of the action steps have built in flexibility allowing users to choose each week how much time and effort to put into completing the given activity. Each step also has considerable depth so, depending on your comfort and experience, you can choose the optimal level at which to complete each task. Of course, the extent to which you see improvement will be influenced by the amount of time and energy you spend optimally challenging yourself with each task, however, even spending an hour a week on most given tasks will make a big difference. CKC is also a POWERFUL COUPLE’S THERAPY TOOL that provides structure and accountability between sessions as well as being an effective post treatment plan that can keep therapy graduates on track!